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We Take Part in TerraCycle

At Dr. Patricia Fink Optometry office, we Think Green, by participating with this revolutionary new recycling service.

We are pleased to announce that we are taking part in the B&L and Terracycle recycling program for contact lenses and contact lens packages/foils. This program will accept any contact lenses. We will provide you with the necessary plastic bags (recycled) to place your contacts in and we have the recycling drop off at our office.

Most of the contact lenses and packages end up contaminating our water supply due to their small size. Terracycle is taking these small plastics and creating recycled plastic balls that will be used in playground equipment and park benches.

We know our patients will help make this program a success.

TerraCycle offers free recycling programs funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help collect and recycle hard-to-recycle waste.

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TerraCycle reuses, upcycles, and recycles waste instead of incinerating or landfilling it. This moves waste from a linear system to a circular one, allowing it to keep cycling in our economy.