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Debbie Aldred

Optical Technician, Assistant Manager

Debbie has brought a wealth of experience to our office since she joined us in September of 2005. She has worked with several Ophthalmologists and Optometrists throughout her 29 year career. Her friendly smile will make you feel at ease during your visit. Debbie can assist you in answering questions about Laser surgery and contact lens wear as she has experienced both first hand. She is qualified to perform all pre-testing and reception duties, and most enjoys teaching first time contact lens wearers how to wear and care for their lenses. Debbie is available to assist you with eye glass inquiries in the Optical Dispensary.

"Surface Study" - Free corneal topography for the month of March!


1) Detailed assessment of the eyes surface.

2) Will enable a more accurate prescription for those with astigmatism

3) Beneficial for people with dry irritated eyes as it gives up valuable information regarding the tear film.  

4) Much enhanced contact lens fitting, provides option for people who want to wear contacts but have been unsuccessful.  

Total value of the free upgrade is $50.00. 

We are open for in office appointments. We welcome you back! Please read our new protocols here.