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Sports, Depth Perception, and Vision Therapy

Luck won’t improve your sport stats, but improving your vision will. Athletes need to be in peak condition in order to compete at the levels that may bring home the gold, but you don’t need to be a sports superstar to improve your stats. Sports like hockey, tennis, and basketball, for example, are a few sports that require tracking of an object and excellent depth perception. Athletes with good depth perception have an easier time accurately tracking the ball or object as it approaches them because they can accurately see where it is in their space. Baseball players, for example, make split-second decisions about when to move their bat to make contact with the ball. Athletes with good depth perception see the ball as appearing bigger, thus making it easier to hit.

There are a few vision problems that can relate to poor depth perception, but strabismus (or “crossed eyes”) and amblyopia (or “lazy eye”) are the most common and are both able to be corrected. Just because you may have poor depth perception now doesn’t mean it’s too late to improve your vision and your game. Depth perception can be improved at any age. If your child’s or your own sports performance is suffering, start with testing the vision and depth perception. Book your exam today.

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