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Privacy Policy

Effective: January 11, 2005

By using this web site, you agree to accept this Privacy Policy and are aware that our policy may change over time as discussed below.

Overview of our Policy The security of personal information is a high priority. We maintain this web sites and all associated data with technical, administrative and physical safeguards to protect against loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, modification and improper disclosure. No computer system or information can ever be fully protected against every possible hazard. But we are committed to providing reasonable and appropriate security controls to protect our web site and its information against foreseeable hazards.

Any information you voluntarily provide helps us make this site more informative, supportive, and useful for you.

Personal Identification Information We will collect personal identification information from you only if you voluntarily submit such information to us. We will never intentionally disclose any personal identification information about you as an individual user (such as, for example, your full name, street address, telephone number, number or e-mail address) to any third party.

If you identify yourself to us by sending us an e-mail with questions or comments, we may use your personal information to respond to your questions or comments. We may file your comments for future reference, or we may discard the information after we have reviewed it. The data you enter on your form is collected so that we may track activity, analzye public needs, and continue to create more effective content and useful public health services. The data you enter on your form is not sold, leased, or distributed to third parties, vendors, etc. in any form whatsoever. We do not sell, lease, share, or otherwise distribute mailing lists to third parties.

Changes to this Policy This Privacy Policy will always be available to users on this page for you to read. We will update this privacy and fair information practices policy to reflect new features, services and options, as well as any other changes with regard to the use of personal information. By using this site, you agree to accept this Privacy Policy and are aware that our policy may change over time. Continued use this site will signify that you agree to these changes.

Legal Authorities We may disclose personally identifiable information of our users to government authorities at our discretion.

Still Have Questions? If you have any other questions about our Privacy Policy please contact the Privacy Officer below.

Privacy Contact Officer: Dr. Patricia Fink