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Same Day Glasses

same day glasses in Burlington ON

Same Day Glasses: Have your Burlington eye exam, choose your frames & pick up your glasses – all on the same day!

Save time by making one trip to your optometrist instead of two! Make an appointment at our office in Burlington for an eye exam. Receive your prescription and pick out frames for your new glasses (and/or sunglasses).

Thanks to our on-site lab, you will receive your new glasses on the same day! Whether you head out to do some errands or for a cup of coffee, when you get back, your new glasses will be waiting for you.

Our on-site laboratory will produce your lenses and make sure they are fitted to your chosen frames. We are also capable of producing certain specialty lenses.

Don’t send your prescription elsewhere and risk something being lost in translation. And don’t wait for that new pair of glasses! Call up Dr. Patricia Fink Optometry and make an appointment for an exam and to pick up your glasses – on the same day!

*Most prescription types are available. Call Dr. Patricia Fink Optometry for more details.

"Surface Study" - Free corneal topography for the month of March!


1) Detailed assessment of the eyes surface.

2) Will enable a more accurate prescription for those with astigmatism

3) Beneficial for people with dry irritated eyes as it gives up valuable information regarding the tear film.  

4) Much enhanced contact lens fitting, provides option for people who want to wear contacts but have been unsuccessful.  

Total value of the free upgrade is $50.00. 

We are open for in office appointments. We welcome you back! Please read our new protocols here.