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Vision Resources

A wealth of vision resources for you on the net.. Click Away.

All About Vision

A comprehensive patient guide to various new products and vision health concerns.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Learn more about computer vision syndrome (CVS) – a very real problem for many people who spend hours daily in front of a computer screen.

Info on Refractive Surgery

This site offers a balanced view on Laser Vision Correction as well as other types of refractive surgery.

Johnson & Johnson

Investing in innovation, building the ACUVUE® Brand, inventing new products and fortifying our position as the worldwide leader in vision care.


This website is designed to help you enjoy the best vision possible. You can find an eye care practitioner near you who carries CooperVision contact lenses most suitable for you.

Bausch & Lomb

Explore our comprehensive product portfolio. Get helpful information about eye health and how your vision care needs change with age.

CIBA Vision

Experience life’s most precious moments as crisp, clear, unforgettable images. We are continuously working to improve, protect and preserve your eyesight with our state-of-the-art contact lenses and lens care products.

"Surface Study" - Free corneal topography for the month of March!


1) Detailed assessment of the eyes surface.

2) Will enable a more accurate prescription for those with astigmatism

3) Beneficial for people with dry irritated eyes as it gives up valuable information regarding the tear film.  

4) Much enhanced contact lens fitting, provides option for people who want to wear contacts but have been unsuccessful.  

Total value of the free upgrade is $50.00. 

We are open for in office appointments. We welcome you back! Please read our new protocols here.