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Knows her stuff about vision and development!


Professional office, professional staff. My child's vision finally taken seriously here. His comprehensive eye exam and results interpretation well worth the expense. Dr. Fink is very compassionate and kind but most importantly knows her stuff about vision and development. She was 100% correct in her assessment, and my child now sees so much better because of her interventions. Vision therapy has been life-changing for him.

- Jodi O. - Google Review

Would Recommend


I was seen within 10 minutes of my appointment time by a technician who performed internal and examinations of my eyes. I was then seen by Dr. Anjali Pathak #800892 who continued with the examination. All aspects of this office were presented in a professional, welcoming and timely manner. Questions and inquiries were handled without equivocation.Without reservation, I would recommend this office.

- Elvin W. - Google Review

Very Happy


Very happy with my experience here, with Dr. Matthew Chavoustie and the helpful and friendly staff at Dr. Fink Optometrist, thank you.

- George J. - Google Review

My experience was great!


After having my previous eye doctor mess up my glasses the last 2 times, and wasting my money and benefits, I decided to try a new office. My experience was great! There were so many more tests and exams to ensure my eyes were healthy and they knew everything about my vision. Just picked up my glasses and forgot what it was like to see!!! Glasses only took a week to come in too?

- C.M. - Google Review

Excellent Care


Been dealing with severe myopia (nearsightedness) since birth and had same eye doctor for almost 20 years, once they retired I had a very bad experience with a doctor (who was frustrated with how nearsighted I was) and I was fearful of eye exams for a few years until I found Dr Pozzer who works here. I've been seeing her for the last 7 years and always have had excellent care. I've had a couple issues that were concerning and I was always helped immediately. I also have purchased a few pairs of glasses and contacts here and with the high prescription (-21) there was very rarely any issue from their manufacturer, and when there was Dr Fink's team addressed it immediately.

- Brian P. - Google Review

Highly Recommend


Dr. Kristyn Pozzer is the best eye care professional I have ever seen! Her comprehensive knowledge and ability to communicate in a "patient-friendly" manner have made my experiences most informative and enjoyable. The staff at this clinic have always been friendly, courteous, and super helpful. I highly recommend this optometry clinic to anyone looking for the best possible care!

- Teresa B. - Google Review