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Returning to Eye Care — June 1st

May 27, 2020

Dear Patient,

We at Dr. Patricia Fink & Associates and Halton Vision Therapy Centre are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and want to assure you our priority is the health and safety of our patients and staff. We are following advice provided by the Canadian and provincial health officials and making sure our clinic has taken extra precautionary measures to reduce the risk of transmission.  We are now able to return to routine eye care with proper disinfecting procedures and PPE in place.

Our Standard Operating Procedures have changed to comply with the requirements of our regulatory body, The College of Optometrists of Ontario.

  • Only patients with appointments may enter the office.  The appointments have been staggered to provide physical space.  The appointment times have been increased to provide time for additional sanitation.
  • All appointments will be pre-screened to insure they are symptom free. A history and information will be taken by phone or email to limit the time in office.
  • Upon entry, hand sanitation is required.  Hand sanitizers are located throughout the clinic.  Additional sanitization procedures for all areas within the clinic that come into high contact, including but not limited to, phones, desks, door handles, payment terminals, chairs etc are in effect.
  • Masks are mandatory for distances inside of 6 feet/2 meters.  This includes the pretest room, the exam room and measurements for glasses.
  • The 6 foot/2 meter distance is marked for chairs with a green check mark.  A green line indicates the distance from the front desk.  Different markings on the floor will be used to direct you through the office.  The exam lanes are marked 1,2,3; the dispensing area has a triangle, checkout has a square.
  • Approach the front desk on check in using the plexiglass dividers.  Please only address the staff if you are behind this divider if you are not wearing your mask.
  • Limiting touch points in the office is essential.  Limiting the use of the rest rooms, limit chair hopping, wandering the office, etc.
  • Individual appointments.  Only if you require assistance should another person be with you at your appointment.  Families, we are limiting 2 people at one time to respect this regulation.
  • Limited amount of equipment may be used during integration.  Automated field analysis, topography, diopsys, contact lens fittings and teachings may need to be rescheduled until the protocol changes.  Retinal imaging will be done for documentation and to limit exposure for the doctors.  Dilated eye examinations will only be conducted if there is clinical evidence to do so.
  • Sanitizing equipment and tools after each use between patients.
  • Imposing mandatory self-isolation for all clinic staff and Optometrists who have traveled outside of the province, have been in contact with someone who has traveled outside of Canada or the province.
  • Removing all frequently used, and not easily cleaned items in our waiting room such as magazines, toys, and brochures.
  • Masks are used by staff that are within the 6 foot/2 meter working distance of a patient.  This includes the pretest room, the exam room, and measurements for eyeglasses.
  • Eye shields may be used when in close contact as well.
  • Gloves are used by the doctors if they need to touch or manipulate your lids.  Hand sanitization is done before and after all touch points by the examiners.  Gloves may be used by staff when handling your glasses or making adjustments.
  • All frames are cleaned and dried before being placed back on the display.  All frames that have been touched need to be placed on the ledge in order to go through the cleaning protocol.
  • Health assessments and follow ups will be done by telemedicine.  If the telemedicine appointment indicates an in office visit, the on call doctor will provide for this.
  • Contact lens orders will be direct ship.  Contact lens pick ups, if needed, are by appointment only.
  • All glass orders need to book an appointment for pick up.

For the safety of our community, if you have you are experiencing any symptoms such as a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or have traveled or been in contact with individuals who have traveled outside of Canada, or have concerns with your health, we kindly request that you contact us to reschedule your appointment.

Your eye health is important to us and we are available to support your vision needs. Our clinic will be open starting June 1, 2020:

Monday to Friday 9 am-5 pm for eye examination appointments
Saturday 9 am–1 pm for eye examination appointments
Tuesday & Wednesdays: 5:30 pm – 8 pm eyewear/eyeglass pick-up appointments
Saturday 1:30 pm-5pm eyewear/eyeglass pick-up appointments

As the situation continues to evolve, we are closely monitoring and adjusting our procedures to ensure we follow the latest health guidelines. Should you have any questions please email us at or call 905-319-1066.


Dr. Patricia S. Fink
Dr. Patricia Fink & Associates
Halton Vision Therapy Centre