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Dr. Fink’s Story – Part 1

Dr. Finks Story

Here I am with my new glasses. Let me tell you my journey. I was significantly nearsighted which began at age 10 with a -2.00 prescription that was -4.50 -1.00 x 180 by the time I finished optometry school. I had laser vision correction in 1997 and 1999 (yup, both eyes at separate times as I had my son in between operations and can’t have laser when you are pregnant or lactating). By the time I was in my early 40s I knew I should be in reading glasses to preserve my distance vision however all the reading glasses and progressives gave me headaches and eyestrain until I went to Phoenix and had a binocular vision assessment done by Dr Robin Lewis who prescribed me a +0.37. Holy comfort. It was great. I wore it for near work until I was 50. Then it became uncomfortable again.

Now my right eye was blurry for distance yet both eyes clear for near. Very strange for someone in their 50s. A new binocular assessment by Dr Manny Singh at my office determined a minimal distance prescription in my left eye with an anti fatigue lens at near. It was very strange for the first 20 min. My stomach was upset, my right eye ached. Then 45 min in things started to click. I saw better for distance and near work was easier.

Will keep you all posted as my week progresses. I’m also back to taking vision therapy sessions once per week to improve my visual performance.