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Dry Eyes: Did you know?


Did you know that 86% of Dry Eye Disease (DED) involves the lid margin and that 5 minutes of sustained heat to the lids is the first treatment whether your DED requires expression, biofilm clearance, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories or anti-allergens?

Did you know that regular warm compresses do not provide this?

Did you know that the Bruder mask was created and designed by an optometrist to have the correct contour, bead density, and bead composition (important for proper moisture release)?

Now you know.

For more information don't hesitate to contact our dry eye specialist in Burlington, Ontario .

"Surface Study" - Free corneal topography for the month of March!


1) Detailed assessment of the eyes surface.

2) Will enable a more accurate prescription for those with astigmatism

3) Beneficial for people with dry irritated eyes as it gives up valuable information regarding the tear film.  

4) Much enhanced contact lens fitting, provides option for people who want to wear contacts but have been unsuccessful.  

Total value of the free upgrade is $50.00. 

We are open for in office appointments. We welcome you back! Please read our new protocols here.