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We’re An Award-Winning Vision Therapy Practice! | Burlington, ON

image3Most new patients who meet any of our amazing eye doctors soon recognize that we do far more than check for how far you can read. We evaluate visual development, functionality, and perform a complete medical examination to ensure your visual health is at its best.

Vision therapy is one of our primary eye care services that treats problems related to visual learning. When your eyes and brain fail to communicate effectively, our eye doctors and team of vision therapists can step in to help you retrain your eyes to function accordingly. Since vision therapy requires specialized training and expertise, some optometric practices are acknowledged for their commitment to vision therapy.

At Dr. Patricia S. Fink, one of our vision therapists, Jennifer, won the inaugural “Therapist of the Year” award for Canada, 2019 at the COVT&R AGM in Vancouver.  Additionally, two of our vision therapists graduated from the  Practical Vision Therapy Accreditation Program (PVTAP) program.

These two achievements attest to how our practice has successfully helped numerous people, children and adults overcome their visual deficits and achieve healthier eyesight.

"Surface Study" - Free corneal topography for the month of March!


1) Detailed assessment of the eyes surface.

2) Will enable a more accurate prescription for those with astigmatism

3) Beneficial for people with dry irritated eyes as it gives up valuable information regarding the tear film.  

4) Much enhanced contact lens fitting, provides option for people who want to wear contacts but have been unsuccessful.  

Total value of the free upgrade is $50.00. 

We are open for in office appointments. We welcome you back! Please read our new protocols here.